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Around 15 billion units of antibiotics are used per year (2015). Misuse of high-end antibiotics is rampant in India. This has led to development of bacteria strains that resist treatment by even the most powerful antibiotics. As a result diseases that were easily curable by antibiotics, have now become difficult to treat. If left unchecked, the abuse of antibiotics could threaten the health and well-being of millions of Indians.

For this reason, we aim to spread awareness among 10 lakh doctors registered with IMA. Our main goal is to reach out to 30,000 dentists, 12,000 ophthalmologist, 70,000 gynaecologist and ask them to join us in our initiative by taking this pledge.

With collective support and a cumulative effort we can overcome the antibiotics crisis. “I Pledge 2020” focuses on four folds of awareness:

Doctors: Follows 20 principles in their practice for judicious use of antibiotics. Counselling at least 20 patients about risks associated with unsupervised use of antibiotics

Chemist: Aware at least 20 patients about unsupervised use of antibiotics

Employees: Being part of the CIPLA family employees are the torch bearers of this campaign. Spread awareness about judicious use of antibiotics in his community.

Public: Awareness among the general public against self-help principles to follow for judicious use of antibiotics. Awareness about the 20 self-help tips to follow for the judicious use of antibiotics