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20 principles about the rationale use of Antibiotics

Antibiotic misuse, sometimes called antibiotic abuse or antibiotic overuse is a serious but mostly neglected problem in the current era. With the increase in irrational usage of antibiotics on a day to day basis, the chances of antibiotics resistance is very high in India.

It is assumed by an ICMR study that 50% of the antibiotics are less sensitive against some or the other microbes. Misuse of high-end antibiotics for common health conditions is rampant in hospitals and among people.

Antibiotics Resistance is the major problem among medical fraternity as the chances of antibiotic resistance is high in the today’s scenario. Even Government and many NGOs are working towards rational use of antibiotics.

  • I will ask about the patient’s medical history.

  • I will administer antibiotics as per the person's medical profile, age and disease.

  • I will document the patient’s antibiotic treatment in detail.

  • I will do an allergy test of the patient before prescribing antibiotics.

  • I will avoid frequent prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

  • I will recommend a suitable diet to the patient when under antibiotics treatment.

  • I will explain to the patient that antibiotics also kill good bacteria and its misuse/abuse is dangerous and thus there could be chance for diarrhoea.

  • I will not prescribe higher dosages/potency of antibiotics to speed up the healing process.

  • I will not prescribe antibiotics if it is not required or give antibiotics due to a patient's insistence.

  • I will educate my medical staff about antibiotics resistance and antibiotics abuse.

  • I will display charts and info graphics related to antibiotics resistance and antibiotics abuse in my community settings.

  • I and my staff will counsel the patient about his medicine, dosages, treatment duration, side effects and risk involved.

  • I will ensure to maintain a proper record of antibiotics prescribed by me.

  • I understand that by abusing antibiotics I am contributing to superbug epidemic.

  • I will call my patients for regular follow ups during the treatment period.

  • I will educate my patients that by abusing antibiotics, I’m putting the health of my community at risk.

  • I will encourage patients not to take un-prescribed antibiotics.

  • I will discuss the harmful effect of antibiotic misuse within my social network.

  • I will ask the patient to discard any leftover medication once the prescribed course of treatment is completed.

  • I will inform my fellow medical professionals about these principles.